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Beyond the aesthetics, we put more consideration into the quality of ingredients and flavors used. We are passionate about freshness and quality of our products. Our cakes have 3 to 4 layers with delicious fillings in between. Every cake batter is made with the finest and best quality ingredients that provide the balanced and sublime flavor.

We make eggless cakes too as per the requests. 


Choose from our mouthwatering flavor selection-

RASMALAI - Cardamom and saffron cake filled with juicy Indian cottage cheese chunks and cardamom cream.

MANGO & CREAM - Fluffy Mango cake layers filled with fresh mango chunks and mango flavored cream.

PINEAPPLE - Pineapple cake filled with fresh pineapple chunks and pineapple cream. 

COCONUT - Coconut cake filled with coconut cream and toasted coconut flakes.

ROSE PISTACHIO - Pistachio cake layered with rose cream and pistachio praline.

BLACK FOREST - Chocolate cake filled with dark sweet cherries and lightly sweet whipped cherry cream. 

CHOCOLATE - Chocolate cake filled with dark chocolate cream.

BUTTERSCOTCH - Butterscotch cake filled with caramel sauce, whipped cream and crunchy almond praline.

VANILLA - Vanilla cake filled with classic vanilla white whipped cream and topped with vanilla buttercream.

STRAWBERRY CREAM - Vanilla cake layered with strawberry mousse, cream and strawberry preserves.

CARROT - Carrot cake layered with mascarpone cream and pecan praline.

COFFEE - Coffee cake layered with vanilla bean and espresso buttercream.


6 INCH ROUND (serves 12-15) - starting $150

8 INCH ROUND (serves 25-28) - starting-$200

9 INCH ROUND (serves 32-38) - starting $250

6 INCH SQUARE (serves 18-20) - starting $180

8 INCH SQUARE (serves 30-32) - starting $230

10 INCH SQUARE (serves 50) - starting $370

10 INCH ROUND (serves 50-52) - starting $340

* For tiered cakes, please contact us and we can discuss options depending on gathering size and design requirements.

Contact us with your selection of flavor and size and we'll together create a cake that you'll love

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